“Jenna Lash’s works are of feeling as much as paintings of the external world, and as such breathe a fineness and sensitivity not often found in contemporary visual arts. All existence is in rhythm and rhythm transformations everything and rhythm is the underpinning and, somehow, the inside of or the germ of everything.”

— Robert Kirsch

Article Excerpt


January 12 - March 2, 2019

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s annual open call for artists’ submissions brought forth a plethora of exceptional responses. The effort to narrow down this comprehensive and talented group to exhibition size from more than 300 artists was a challenging yet rewarding experience.

The selected works explore the pictorial language of space and perception, balance and symmetry, and the themes of mystery and reality. I hope that they may be viewed and considered both individually and as a part of this unique collective.

Click here to view selected images from the exhibit. 

Walker Roman’s and Shona Macdonald’s paintings evince a dreamlike quality, yet remain based in reality. Jenna Lash’s and Douglas Navarra’s works manipulate recognizable imagery, using source material such as currency and historic documents to examine pattern, iconography, and historical context. Roger Patrick’s bucolic landscapes appear idyllic at first glance, yet emerge peppered with unknown tensions. Ari Chaves’s nostalgic interiors alter our perspective in order to reexamine the domestic and otherwise mundane.

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