Monetary Series

What Value, Money?

“Money is a framework for my exploration of value and values: of the personal versus the public; of the conflicting perspectives between men and women; of the cultural differences between generations; and of the harmony between (or conflict with) individuals in relation to a global society.
Over the years, I have pondered many questions about this highly charged symbol, and what it represents with respect to identity—both of the self, and of one's larger society.  How do we reflect our own worth, and our worth as a society, through currency?  Should it still matter that individual countries each have their own currency, or would it be better to have a borderless world, and a unified currency?  (Will it unite us, or ultimately destroy us?)  What is money's position vis-a-vis individualism, diversity, identity, unity?  What, ultimately, will be gained, and what lost?
I believe that these questions continue to be relevant today, as information, relationships, and, ultimately, currency—become ever more connected.  As an artist, I want to encourage my viewers to consider how their money, and what they choose to spend on (or forego) goes hand in hand with the worth assigned to individuals, things, societies and countries.”

— Jenna Lash